Here's the story:  I am 24 and have yet to have a relationship last longer than my nail polish.  And I'm not talking gel, I'm talking classic 

chipping off in one week nail polish.  

So, what does a die-hard romantic do with no one to share her life with? Where does the love go? The flowers, the candles, the poetry? I put it in my music.  I give it to my friends. My family.  Myself.  The time and energy most people are dedicating to one person I am giving to all of these. 


haven't given up on love.  I'm waiting for it, but I'm not waiting around for it to arrive before I go on living my life.  And my life has been  going full speed in so many other places- friendship, family, loss, good dates, bad dates, happiness, traveling, change... 

These songs are my discoveries. They opened my mind in creating them and it is my hope in sharing them that they will go on to open the minds of those who listen. This is a voice for the introspective. For those who have a strong sense of self. For the gut-trusters, the proudly independent, and the curious.


My goal is to inspire people through my writing and performance to take the life they have and make it something they are proud and happy to call their own. I believe that the purpose of music is to provide the audience with a feeling that they are not alone in their emotions.  In that, my core values are Hope, Self-Worth, Empathy, and Mindfulness. 



Bryce Drew is - lyrically, sonically, and in personality - a force of vulnerability.  She is sultry and she is sweet.  Though she may have never been in love,  when she sings, it's undeniable...

the woman's got one hell of a heart. 

THE Sound

I have been getting the question "what are you?" my entire life.   Like me, it is naturally and organically not one obvious definable thing, and that's exactly what makes it identifiable. I grew up listening to artists like India.Arie, Tracy Chapman, Alicia Keys, and Adele, which explains why there are hints of pop, soul, folk, jazz, and rock scattered throughout the sound.  It also is no surprise that vocal conviction, vivid lyrics, and honesty are at the core of what I am creating.


Fashion + Visual Inspiration: THe Big CIty Bohemian

Fashion has always been a huge part of how I express myself.  My look is its own thing and it stems from my roots. I come from a mixed Trinidadian-European background, so naturally I am inspired by island bohemian and classic 60s/70s mod styles.  Sophisticated, elegant & put-together, but always a little wild & free. Plus, the Caribbean/Miami girl in me adds a body confidence. I tend to not wear heavy make up or jewelry. Almost always loose hair or high bun, letting the accessories and my personality be the statement....shoes(boots, heels, sandals), jackets, glasses. scarves, gold hoops, vintage belts. It's very signature Bryce to be wearing a dress, a jumpsuit, or some funky, flowy pants. I'd take movement over structure any day. Satin, silk, lace, chiffon, leather, denim, linen... sticking to neutrals, earthy tones, floral prints or soft colors. There is always a femininity & delicacy in the look- even when its a bold one.  



This is a collage I made out of magazine clippings.... if you zoom in you will find sayings that I feel speak to my artistic drive & vision.  On the right are words that would make me the proudest if they were used by a listener to describe my music.   More obviously,  there are some famous faces of artists who carry a timeless, natural feminine presence. They are just a few of who paved the way for what I am creating.  The woman furthest to the right has a look that reminded me of myself- especially the freeness in her energy and the long wild hair. And, of course, I had to put her in a tropical setting because, well, that's me.

bryce drew vision




  • studio footage 

  • social media- what do you look for campaign? do you have a lucky number? or some sort of sign that gives you peace that you are on the right path?

  • 19 songs that built me

  • 19 life moments that defined me

  • hide a 19 in all cover art

That Dress - EP

  • lucky #

  • 21 (single) - real video. acoustic version

  • Love Life

  • That Dress

  • Handwritten Love Letters


  • Fall Together

  • Still Recovering

  • Losing You Again 

  • Glow

  • Something to Miss







  • try and nail Troubadour support slot

  • try and nail tour support slots for fall

  • booking agent meetings

  • research other social media accounts that can feature song on a post

  • set time aside to write!!

  • lyric video creation

  • create marketing plan for 21

  • make merch for 21 show

  • make the 21 show the best show it could ever be!!! sell it out!

  • continue the manager hunt. Plan showcases in Nashville + LA

  • send a monthly newsletter out to mailing list

  • plan a that dress video

  • another PR photoshoot

  • focus on creating consistent content  

  • solidify supervisor connections + create relationship with spotify/apple etc

  • start planning EP release show in June- venue/day/graphics


Coffeehouse Radio!!!!!!!!!

local news stations 


ask nina/lauren to post / partner with ppl for

social media- what do you look for campaign? do you have a lucky number? or some sort of sign that gives you peace that you are on the right path? 


21- #hereIam21 post a photo of you at 21 and tell me about where you thought you'd be versus where you were. 

2020 GOALS

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10k by June

15k by September

20k by 2021

get verified by march

get playlisted!

martin guitar sponsorship / larivee sponsorship 

play the troubadour! play the troubador!

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coffeehouse radio - acoustic session/interview?


billboard feature

american songwriter magazine

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paste feature

winston house

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eddie's attic 

cafe 939 

rockwood music hall

Festivals: SXSW/Barn on the Farm/Bonaroo/Girls Wanna Weekend

mahogany session

silverlake sessions

school night 

tour support slot in Fall. at least 500+ size venues





WHo could i Open FOR?

  • Leon Bridges

  • Hozier

  • Ray Lamontagne

  • Lianne La Havas

  • Maggie Rogers

  • John Legend

  • Lewis Capaldi

  • Sam Smith

  • John Legend

  • James Bay

  • Gabrielle Aplin

  • Alessia Cara

  • Tori Kelly

  • Corinne Bailey Rae

  • JP Saxe

  • Julia Michaels

  • Alec Benjamin

  • Violet Skies

  • Adam Melchor

  • John Mayer

  • JP Cooper

  • Amos Lee